Uber’s 180 days of change


The recent shakeup at the top of the Uber management with their CEO Travis taking a leave of absence and other scandals, have their board committed to change.

Dubbed the 180 days of change, Uber announced on their communication to their drivers in US here, that they will for next 6 months, share major improvements that will make driving more flexible and less stressful.

These are the changes that drivers in US is expected to get in the months to follow:

  1. Tipping is coming – an option for riders to tip their drivers
  2. Shorter 2 Minute Cancellation Window – down from 5 minutes currently
  3. No more unpaid wait times – starting 2 minutes after arrival drivers will earn a per-minute rate while waiting for the rider
  4. ALL driver destination trip counts towards quest and incentives
  5. Quest earnings are available for instant pay – likely not available in Singapore unless they roll out instant pay here (somewhat like how Grab does it)
  6. Expanded Driver Destination – allows drivers to set 2 destination trips a day (which in Singapore already it’s allowed since its implementation)
  7. Driver Injury Protection – which many countries do not have unlike our mandatory vehicle insurance
  8. Teen fare – add $2 base fare to teen accounts (A product not applicable in Singapore)

These are some stuff drivers are ranting about for some time now and acting on it after the big shakedown is a positive move. At this point, seems like Uber is working on repairing the dysfunctional relations with their drivers.

However, while moving in the right direction, one thing to note is that Uber is also trying to stop the bleed as well. So it’s likely a ‘you get some, you will lose some’ kind of situation will arise in the future while Uber is trying to turn profitable. Nevertheless, enjoy the changes and hope for more fair and positive policy changes that favour the drivers (neglected for far too long) to come.

What is your gripe with Uber’s driver’s policy so far? What improvements do you want to see in the new future? Let us know in the comment section.