Grab suspends driver over lost & found SOP


Mr Elvin was called up by Grab last night when a rider he took, left a box full of $50 notes in his car. It was assumed to be containing about $3000. Upon checking, he found the box and made arrangements to return to the rider directly the next day.

Mr Elvin made his way this morning from Bukit Batok to High Street to return the box full of cash to the rider at 7 am. He refused any rewards the rider offered but eventually took $10 after much insistence from her.

After they parted ways, Elvin tried to log into his Grab Driver account to start his driving for the 8 am -11 am incentive block, only to realise that his Grab account was suspended.

Although we understand the reason for the suspension of the account is to ensure that any lost & found items are returned to the rider, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth in this incident, where the driver took the trouble to travel 25km early in the morning to return the item to the rider.

It took one hour for Grab to reactivate his account after he called in to inform them of the situation. Instead of being rewarded for his honesty and trouble, Grab penalised him by shutting him out of his account which resulted in a loss of revenue for the 8 am – 11 am incentive block which is at least worth $75. We understand that Grab customer service officer who he got in touch with him did not even offer him any word of thanks.

Mr Elvin, we salute you for your honesty and Grab, a big boooooo.