Grab rider threatens driver


RoadTimes was informed of an incident where Mr Wade, a Grab Driver was threatened by a rider.

The incident happened when Mr Wade, accepted a ping and realised later that the request’s note indicated by the rider, that there will be 5 passengers. Of course, under the LTA and Traffic Police regulations, his normal salon car cannot accommodate more than 4 passengers.

After accepting the ping, Mr Wade messaged the rider to inform him that it is against the law to pick more than 5 passengers. Initially, the rider agreed to reduce the number of passengers but after Mr Wade proceeded to make his way to the pickup location, the rider bombed him with a tirade of crude and threatening remarks.


Mr W had to spend the next 10 minutes calling Grab hotline seeking assistance in cancelling the request so that his cancellation rate will not be affected hence risking his whole week of incentive. He also explained and reported the incident to Grab.

Riders if you are reading this, in the event that you make a wrong booking, please be gracious and cancel the booking without delay.

Do note that for your mistakes or ignorance when sending out a wrong request, the drivers are wasting their time and risking their entire week’s incentive which amounts to a few hundreds of dollars after putting in at least 40 hours of driving time.

Under the new Grab Rider cancellation fee’s terms and conditions, you will only be charged if you have made more than two cancellations in a week.

And to Mr Wisely (the rider), I guess you are not so wise. You can often tell the character of the person by watching how they treat the people who serve them. You are quite a piece of work.

Kudos to Mr Wade for keeping your cool and do the rational thing. Ignoring the idiot.