Grab Premium Drivers played out, again.


RoadTimes was tipped off by several Grab Premium Drivers regarding the lack of riders due to Grab not extending the MayVIP rider’s promotion which gives out $12 discount for a premium car ride from the designated promotion zone.

Grab Singapore sent out the reminder to all premium drivers on 14 May 2017, Sunday, that high demands are expected this week. However Grab Singapore did not follow-up with the rider promotions to go with it, which resulted in very low demand while premium drivers are out in force this morning.

Apparently, such lapse have happened a couple of weeks ago, when the AprilVIP promotion ended and although Grab Singapore rolled out the MayVIP promotions communications to riders and drivers, the riders are unable to apply the promo-code for 3 days. That resulted in Grab Premium Drivers not getting any ride request to achieve their incentive for that 3 days and some frantic calling to the Grab Hotline to complain.

Some Grab Premium Drivers we spoke to was wary about the haphazard way Grab Singapore sometimes implement their incentives and promotions. One Premium Driver mentioned that there are times, they cut-and-paste the previous promotions and forgot to change the dates or criteria to suit the current promotions on their website, and sometimes the links they provide the drivers in the sms was dead.

Premium Driver Sonique complained to RoadTimes that “Grab Premium is quite an exclusive product with higher fares than the other Grab products on offer, hence, ridership is usually very low and without rider discount promotions, it is impossible to hit the target Grab sets for their drivers to eligible for the incentive.”

Once bitten, twice shy. Some Premium Drivers are taking a day off or driving on another platform to wait for the rectification from Grab.


15 May 2017 AM – Rider Promo not rolled out. Most premium drivers got zero pings

15 May 2017 PM – Rider Promo still not applicable. Likewise, supply outstriped demand.