Grab app down – 14 May 17, 1840hrs – 1950hrs


1840hrs – RoadTimes was tipped off by PH drivers that the Grab Driver app is currently down and Grab’s hotline cannot be called through.

The issue seems to be that the driver cannot end trip once they have reached their destination. Drivers were unable to get new job requests while riders were unable to get rides.

We will keep you informed if the issue has been resolved. Hang tight.

Grab driver app down: can’t end trip.


1910hrs – App still down. We have used our contacts to inform Grab Singapore about the issue.

1920hrs – Riders able to get drivers and drivers who have not started trip will still be able to get request. Some drivers are unable to connect to server. All drivers unable to end trip.

We suggest that drivers take a break now or switch to Uber until this is resolved.

1935hrs – RoadTimes were informed that Grab Team Singapore is already aware of the situation and is now working to get their service up.

1950hrs – Grab is back online. Everything seems back to normal.

Good luck everyone on the roads rushing for your Cash Kings. Drive safe and complain later. Cheers.