Accident! What Next?


Involved in an accident? Here is some useful information.

At the scene

Call 995/999 immediately if someone is injured. Try not to move the injured or vehicles while waiting.

You will also need to call 999 if

  • Government property was damaged (such as damage to barriers and even trees)
  • A government vehicle was involved
  • A foreign vehicle was involved

Do not admit fault or liability at any time.

Do not move the vehicles until you have gathered enough photographs of the scene (covered in a section below)

If the other parties are not seriously injured, exchange the following information:

  1. Name
  2. NRIC Number
  3. Contact Information
  4. Vehicle Licence Plate

If they refuse to do so, they have 24 hours to make a police report themselves or they will be in violation of the Road Traffic Act.

You may also try to get the above information from any witnesses including your passengers as the police or insurance company may want to interview them.

Gather additional information

  1. Take pictures of the accident scene and the surrounding areas. The pictures should be sufficiently wide-angled to capture the entire scene, including lane markings, skid marks and any debris nearby
  2. Take pictures of the damages to your own vehicle while capturing your licence plate
  3. Take pictures of the damages to the other vehicle(s) while capturing the licence plate(s). If it is a multiple vehicle collision, take pictures of all vehicles involved especially the ones that have come into contact with your vehicle
  4. Take note of the date, time and location of the accident scene, as well as the weather and road conditions at that point.

Private Settlement
If you’re going to privately settle without involving insurance claims, then have a written and signed agreement by both parties that spells out clearly

  1. The details of the parties involved
  2. The agreed settlement sum with the payee and recipient clearly indicated
  3. Mutual agreement not to pursue the matter any further including filing an insurance claim

You can then arrange for a tow for your vehicle to your own preferred workshop if needed.

If your vehicle needs to be towed, you may consider the following

  • Rental Vehicle: Contact your rental company to tow to their appointed workshop.
  • Own Vehicle: Contact insurance company to tow to an approved workshop.

Alternatively, engage an external towing service to tow to your preferred workshop in the event of a private settlement.

Within 24 Hours
Make a police report if you feel unwell after the accident. If the other party later decides to make a police report for a similar reason, the police will contact you and inform you that you will be required to do so as well.

You must report the accident to your insurance company if either party is making a claim. Even if you’re not making a claim, you can still report the incident to the insurance company. If the accident happened too late to make the report before the weekend, you may make the report the next working day.