All Private Hire Cars to display decals from 1 July 2017


It is happening!

Spotted on the roads, this is how it looks like.

You will soon be notified by LTA (own car) or by your rental company to proceed to the following locations to affix the first pair of tamper-evident decals affixed at no cost.

a.   VICOM/JIC inspection centres;
b.   STA inspection centres; or
c.   Uber and Grab affixing centres.

More details on the location from LTA website here.

Owners who registered their private hire cars after 28 February 2017 will have to get the tamper-evident decals affixed at their own cost. The fee for obtaining and affixing a pair of tamper-evident decals will be $20 (including GST).

This is what you should know about the decal.

  1. The decal cannot be re-used once removed, and any tampering made to the decal will be evident.
  2. The tamper-evident decals will be inspected when private hire cars undergo regular vehicle inspections. Owners of private hire cars that fail these inspections will not be allowed to renew their road tax.
  3. Failure to affix these decals will be an offence under the Road Traffic Act. More details on the penalties will be made known at a later date.
  4. Uber and Grab affixing centres will only be available until 30 Jun 2017 and are meant to facilitate the affixing for private hire cars registered on or before 28 Feb 2017.
  5. The companies will only be allowed to affix the decals at their own premises until 30 Jun 2017, and only for private hire cars registered on or before 28 Feb 2017.
  6. On top of the current vehicle inspection fee, private hire car owners will need to pay an additional fee of $10.70 (including GST) for the inspection.
So, you are out of luck if you have been moonlighting without permission from your full-time employer or evading the detection of your nosy neighbor about your part-time job. The tamper-evident decal will mean that it will be visually obvious if you remove the decal from your windscreen once they have been affixed.

So, share your creative solution to this problem if it bothers you in our comments section or forum. Preferably legal ones.