Uber Singapore, you can help stop riders from robbing your drivers blind.

Uber Singapore must disable this feature for riders to be able to report a bad route taken and refund them without question automatically. This feature seems not to be moderated manually...

Grab Server Down 16 May 2017, 2345hrs – 0020hrs

RoadTimes was alerted to a Grab system outage again. Drivers cannot go online or ending trip. Seems to be the same problem as yesterday. We have reported the issue to Grab Singapore....

Grab Riders should see this.

  Private Hire drivers plowing the roads often have to endure many conditions of their job to earn their keep. In a RoadTimes survey with 50 Grab drivers, the most frustrating part...

Grab Premium Drivers played out, again.

RoadTimes was tipped off by several Grab Premium Drivers regarding the lack of riders due to Grab not extending the MayVIP rider's promotion which gives out $12 discount for a premium...

Uber sends a message to its drivers

Happy Mother's Day to driver-mothers and all mothers out there!

Grab app down – 14 May 17, 1840hrs – 1950hrs

1840hrs - RoadTimes was tipped off by PH drivers that the Grab Driver app is currently down and Grab's hotline cannot be called through. The issue seems to be that the driver...

Crowdfunding efforts for Uber Driver in pain

RoadTimes visited Driver Charlie at SGH last week. Charlie suffered a sudden bout of illness and is in dire need of financial assistance. Please channel your help to Give Asia Site. Charlie's Story My...

Selfish driver acts tough

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJa2s5s7rWY] So what you want?

Uber rider wants to sue driver

Yet another ridiculous rider although the driver wasn't exactly Mr Polite.

GrabShare rider from Hell!

https://youtu.be/HXXYYOW3Kuc Video posted on Facebook by Lindy Sim. Thanks for keeping your cool and showing how unreasonable this passenger was!