Monday, June 18, 2018

Scandals may have knocked $10 billion off Uber’s value, a report says

Share prices of Uber's private stock have dropped about 15 percent to the mid-to-high $30s range amid a slew of bad press, The Information reported Tuesday. The leg downward would value the...

Founder Travis Kalanick resigned as Uber C.E.O

The Uber train of change continues to power through with news emerging that the founder, Travis Kalanick has stepped down officially from the C.E.O position after a shareholder revolt made it untenable...

Brief Comparison between UberX/GrabCar & UberExec/GrabPremium

Most private hire drivers are on the UberX & GrabCar (Economy) platforms. Some have chosen to provide a more premium service on UberExec & GrabPremium with better cars and higher fares. Here is a...

Uber handing out suspensions for high cancellations

Over the past week some Uber drivers have been greeted by this screen. Most of these suspensions seem to be related to high cancellation rates. While we have no confirmation of exact...

Uber Singapore, you can help stop riders from robbing your drivers blind.

Uber Singapore must disable this feature for riders to be able to report a bad route taken and refund them without question automatically. This feature seems not to be moderated manually...

Uber sends a message to its drivers

Happy Mother's Day to driver-mothers and all mothers out there!

Grab misleads Drivers on smoking ban

  As most PH drivers will know by now, a ban on smoking in PH vehicles while on a trip was announced earlier this week. Both Grab and Uber have sent out...

SMRT approves a hilarious ad by Uber

They've really given up all hopes of fixing their woes haven't they?

Tobacco & Alcohol Regulations

While you probably don't have open cans of beer lying around in your car, you should know that offering tobacco & alcohol to your riders is illegal even if it is free. Most drivers...

Uber knows what you’re up to!

Shared by a driver who regularly spoofs his GPS location to the airport to get ahead of the queue.
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