Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Uber knows what you’re up to!

Shared by a driver who regularly spoofs his GPS location to the airport to get ahead of the queue.

Uber rider wants to sue driver

Yet another ridiculous rider although the driver wasn't exactly Mr Polite.

Uber handing out suspensions for high cancellations

Over the past week some Uber drivers have been greeted by this screen. Most of these suspensions seem to be related to high cancellation rates. While we have no confirmation of exact...

Founder Travis Kalanick resigned as Uber C.E.O

The Uber train of change continues to power through with news emerging that the founder, Travis Kalanick has stepped down officially from the C.E.O position after a shareholder revolt made it untenable...

Troubled times for UBER & LCR ahead

These pictures of a car park full of un-rented cars at Big Box were sent to us by a reader. It is no secret that Uber owned Lion City Rentals park their...

Brief Comparison between UberX/GrabCar & UberExec/GrabPremium

Most private hire drivers are on the UberX & GrabCar (Economy) platforms. Some have chosen to provide a more premium service on UberExec & GrabPremium with better cars and higher fares. Here is a...

Uber Singapore Turns 4!

Uber Singapore is celebrating their 4th anniversary in Singapore this month. Time really does fly. Over the years we've seen Uber launch a slew of different products in Singapore; UberX, UberXL, UberPool,...

Uber assists driver in returning used ice cream cups to rider

Looks like yet another rider has left something precious to them in their Uber ride. We're glad that this driver took the time to contact support to offer this item to...

Crowdfunding efforts for Uber Driver in pain

RoadTimes visited Driver Charlie at SGH last week. Charlie suffered a sudden bout of illness and is in dire need of financial assistance. Please channel your help to Give Asia Site. Charlie's Story My...

Uber sends a message to its drivers

Happy Mother's Day to driver-mothers and all mothers out there!
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