Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Grab Riders should see this.

  Private Hire drivers plowing the roads often have to endure many conditions of their job to earn their keep. In a RoadTimes survey with 50 Grab drivers, the most frustrating part...

Let me through the Pearly Gates

Uber has so kindly routed DriverĀ Lionel Teo right through the Istana to pick upĀ an angel. Not sure if he'll be able to convince the armed guards though.

Selfish driver acts tough

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJa2s5s7rWY] So what you want?

Any lobangs for this guy?

Looks like UberMoto is coming to Singapore after all?

Driver #showerthoughts

A driver reveals his #showerthoughts. We feel you Adrian!

Uber sends a message to its drivers

Happy Mother's Day to driver-mothers and all mothers out there!

Grab riders should see this – THE REMINDER EDITION

This week in our periodical edition of ridiculous and irritating (though funny sometimes) screenshots of Grab riders' request notes, we concluded the following: Many riders (and some drivers) still do not...

What’s the worst thing a rider has left in your car?

Probably not as bad as this... We're kinda disappointed the driver didn't try to attempt to return the item though Uber support though. These undies might be their last pair. Thanks to FRZ...

SMRT approves a hilarious ad by Uber

They've really given up all hopes of fixing their woes haven't they?
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