Private hire services score well once again on commuter satisfaction survey


The Singapore Management University’s Institute of Service Excellence released its survey on commuter satisfaction report on Wednesday (Sept 27). The survey was conducted between April and July this year and polled a total of 4300 residents and 2450 tourists.

While commuter satisfaction has increased for taxi services, it still lagged behind services provided by private hire services. Satisfaction levels were higher for commuters on private-hire cars compared to taxis. Private-hire cars scored 71.3 points, up from 68.4 points last year. The score for taxis fell from 68.7 to 68.4 this year.

The institute’s executive director Neeta Lachmandas said: “With increased competition among taxis and private-hire cars, understanding what matters to commuters is key to helping operators focus their efforts on the areas that will make a difference to how satisfied they make their customers.”

Full report available here: