Grab riders should see this – THE REMINDER EDITION


This week in our periodical edition of ridiculous and irritating (though funny sometimes) screenshots of Grab riders’ request notes, we concluded the following:

  1. Many riders (and some drivers) still do not know the child seat and maximum 4 passengers regulations.
  2. Grab and Uber cannot take you across the causeway or fly you to some island. Yet.
  3. Some riders will just try their luck.

We received and sourced a tonne of such illegal requests since the last edition, hence, this edition will be dedicated to reminding the riders about some do’s and don’ts when making a ride request through Grab or Uber.


REMINDER 1 – Private hire vehicles cannot stop at the bus-stop or taxi-stand for pick-up. 

I please you la. bus stop and taxi stand cannot stop

REMINDER 2 – If you have more than 4 pax, please book a 6-seater vehicle 

1 in the boot, maybe…
Next time google the answer!

REMINDER 3 – If you have more than 6 pax, please book multiple vehicles

Take a bus, you cheapskates!

REMINDER 4 – Children are considered 1 pax in the eyes of the law with the exception for Taxi. 

Not forgetting that it’s a requirement for children below 1.35m to use a booster seat and a baby-seat for an infant. For Grab users, please book Grabfamily when you are making the booking, and that too usually there is only one booster seat per vehicle.

Taking a cab is your best bet. Taxis are excused from these requirements. Don’t ask us why and don’t blame the PH drivers if they cannot accept your request.

Oh, did we hear you say why other drivers can and you cannot?! Maybe this will drive it home, other children can die in an accident, and so can yours. It’s for your own safety and it’s the law.

That’s 5. Take a cab.
That’s definitely 2 cabs.
Don’t hope for a bigger car. Book a bigger car!

REMINDER 5 – Insert the correct address and stay contactable

You are in a safe spot waiting for your ride while your driver is on the road multitasking his way to you. So it is your moral responsibility to ensure your pick-up location is correct and remain contactable in the event the driver needs to ask for directions.

AYE your father road ah
hello, are you dead?

And while sometimes the exact address cannot be determined by the GPS, kindly call the driver to inform him, that will save both of you the angst trying to locate each other.

REMINDER 6 – Private Hire Vehicles are not equipped with NETS payment Terminals

REMINDER 7 – Book the car only when you are ready. 

when you are ready, can I have my dinner first before sending you?

Advance booking is only available for some services, ensure you are making the right booking before you send out the request.

Grabshare advance booking….

REMINDER 8 – Grab & Uber cannot take you beyond Singapore Mainland. 

how you suggest I get you there?

REMINDER 9 – Don’t Cheat.

Don’t cheat on the fare. PERIOD. Make the booking legitimately from exactly where you are at to where you are going.

I see what you did there.

REMINDER 10 – Be a decent human being

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.