A follow-up to another case of abusive rider


A couple of days ago, we shared on Facebook about Mr A being abused by a rider on the Grab messaging platform.

RoadTimes understand from a follow-up with Mr A after the incident, he cancelled the trip and called the Grab hotline to report the incident. Below is the reply from Grab:

Well done Grab for doing at least something for this incident and although we wished more could be done to protect the drivers, but we guess this is as far as they can take it.

So if you ever have the misfortune to encouter verbally abusive passengers, do call in to ride platform you are on to report the incident, mostly is to protect yourself should the passenger turns around and report you first.

We hope you never need to deal with such incidents, but if you do, stay calm and deal with the situation rationally and must never comes to any physical altercation. Stay safe on the roads!