Grab riders should see this 2.0


The previous edition was hugely popular and so we are back with more!

This time we cut the chase and dive straight into the screengrabs.

Booked a GrabCar (4-seater) asking for a 7-seater vehicle.

Even the Grab 6-seater vehicle will not fit. Book 2 cars next time!

Even the 6-seater vehicles will not fit

Grab cars are not equipped with Nets/Credit card machines.

Maybe you should book GrabTaxi or hail a cab.

I think buses accept NETS these days. You should try that.

Grabplane Coming Soon! Akan Datang!

If you are rich enough to pay the $6000 fare, book with your GRABPAY pleaseeeee.

Book with GRABPAY, I will get you there.

Advance booking on GrabShare?

You are affecting the drivers’ acceptance rate by being ignorant, sending out the booking.

Book GrabCar if you want advance booking.

If you have an animal with you, please book a car to yourself.

You won’t know if the passenger sharing the car with you will have any allergies or phobias. You should exercise that thing most responsible human have; basic common sense.

I have a pen, I have a pineapple…

If your life depends on it; book GRABCAR! 

For $3.50? Nah .. pass

Grab should make GRABSHARE product education a priority. People lose their senses when they see cheap stuff.

Product knowledge = 0%
Cheapness = 100%

It will be nice if riders put their final/further destination when they make a booking. 

$12 to balestier + $5 additional stop + fare difference from Balestier to Tuas = CORRECT FARE OWED to the driver. So that you know.

And finally, you should have heard about the GRAB + TINDER collaboration lately.

seriously… better chance if you book Grabshare.

Just when we thought we have seen it all….

That’s it for this week’s edition, and if you want more, please help us out by sending in your submissions to