Uber Singapore, you can help stop riders from robbing your drivers blind.

Uber Fare Cheats on the rise.

Uber Singapore must disable this feature for riders to be able to report a bad route taken and refund them without question automatically. This feature seems not to be moderated manually and once the rider click on it, they will be refunded some of fare  immediately without checking with or informing the driver.

Some Uber riders are cheating because Uber enables them

There are no notification to inform the drivers that one of their trips was reviewed and the fare adjusted down. The driver can only know if they go to their trip history and go through all the trips; individually clicking them to check. Some drivers are clocking more than 100 trips weekly and as the rider can dispute the fare any time, it is a tedious task for the drivers to check each trips a few times a week.

While some incidents can be genuine, automatically refunding the rider and deducting the fare from the drivers without notification is WRONG. Surely, Uber Singapore must have received loads of complains about these unfairly adjusted fare these past few months, but it seems, as usual, they are slow to implement or correct the flaws in the system.

This is how riders abused it.

Scenerio 1

Rider booked from point A to B. Directed the driver on the route he prefers but differs from the GPS recommended route. Then report that the driver had taken a bad route.

Private Hire Driver, Vincent shared on Facebook, that the rider requested the above route, which is straightforward enough and also believed to be the shortest route on the GPS. Still, the rider reported to save $5 at the expense of the driver. And notice that the Uber’s fee reminds the same, 20% deducted from the original fare!

Scenerio 2

Rider booked a short Uber trip from point A to B. Driver followed the GPS route. Rider complained that a bad route was taken anyway. Uber adjusted the fare to nothing while they still take a cut from the original fare.


Driver gets nothing for his effort.

Scenerio 3

Riders booked an Uber trip from point A to B, but upon boarding informed the driver that he needs to drop-off his friends at point C & D along the way. You guess it!, after the trip, he reported a bad route taken due to inaccurate GPS.

Drop-off friends for free and some.

Scenerio 4

Rider wanted to send girlfriend home but keyed in his final destination which is nearer. Driver obliged but fare was adjusted when rider complained of bad route taken.

What if your gf knows you are a cheat & a cheapo?

The above are some examples of riders exploiting the easy and one-sided review automatic Uber system.

I wonder how many fares were unjustly deducted from the drivers if they are not meticulously checking their trip history every now and then.

If you are a Uber Driver, this is our advice on this matter:

  1. If the rider request for any change in destination (including additional drop-off or pick-ups), advice them to change the address by clicking on the destination address on their app interface.
  2. After the trip, go to your trip history and request for a fare review for Uber to check and ensure you are paid accordingly to the time and distance spent going the extra mile. This will also ensure that Uber had a record that you have taken a mulitple-stop trip.
  3. Take a mental note of such trips and check back on it later.
  4. Check your trip history periodically (at least twice a week, and after your final trip of the week) to see if any fare adjustments occur.
  5. Dispute the fare adjustment and write in to protest the adjustment. Be relentless until they adjust the fare back.


UBER, if you are reading, please remove the auto-refund feature and ensure if any matters with regards to deduction of fares and incentive, the drivers must be well informed about it.

And for the Uber fare cheats, shame on you, this act is no different from shoplifting and robbing.