Grab Riders should see this.



Private Hire drivers plowing the roads often have to endure many conditions of their job to earn their keep. In a RoadTimes survey with 50 Grab drivers, the most frustrating part of the job for the PH Drivers are meeting bad riders. Sometimes even before you pick them up.

Many riders might not know that their Grab Drivers depends also in the incentive from Grab Singapore to keep them on the roads. These incentive usually have terms and conditions which requires the drivers to keep their acceptance rate (AR) and cancellation rate (CR) at a low level to be eligible for the incentives.

Riders who send out a ride request,  especially with “special request”, are putting the driver’s incentive for the whole week in jeopardy if they cannot accept them and have to miss the ping.

Today, we run through some comments that Grab Drivers get on the road.

Thanks to the drivers who submitted to us the screen-grabs to make this post possible. Some screen-grabs are sourced from the open web, so, if in anyway, you don’t want us to feature it here or want credits mentioned, please drop us an email.

Hang on to your seats, here we go:

LTA Regulations forbids Private Hire Vehicle to take children without child booster seats. Grab had already introduced Grabfamily for riders with babies and children. So please choose the correct ride.

GrabCar can only take a maximum of 4 passengers under the law. The local taxi rule for 3 children below the age of 12 are considered as 2 adults are NOT applicable to private hire (Uber or Grab).

& its counted as 6 pax.

Grabcar 6-Seater Economy, obviously can only accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers. 

and then there is 8

Exception to the rule the driver will be risking a fine and demerit points. 

Can do the drivers a favor? Take the MRT instead.

Then, if you are on GrabShare, the maximum is 2 pax, so that if there is a match, 2 and 2 makes 4 passengers maximum.

The below screen-grab also shows a common problem; wrong pickup address, sometimes, it can be due to the gps not detecting the exact pick up location the rider is at, but at times, rider input a different pick-up or drop-off location due to some small fare difference in the routing to save some change.

3 Pax on a Grabshare

GrabShare has other conditions for the riders besides the 2 pax limit. GrabShare only allows you to go to one location and that cannot be changed once the booking is accepted.

1 location only please

Also, GrabShare matched you with another rider going the same direction. The routing and who to drop off first is decided by the GPS and Grab system. If you are in a hurry, don’t share. Don’t be cheap and inconvenience other riders and the driver. 

In a hurry? Don’t share.

Please respect the driver’s time. They are making a living and trying to achieve the trip required for their incentive.

Book the ride only when you are ready. Your request for the driver to wait means that the driver have to cancel or wait for you. Either way losing time and money.

You should book ONLY when you are ready.

And then, there are some riders will only inform that they will be late after the driver had reached the pick-up point . There are places where the driver cannot wait and cancelling will mean affecting their CR and wasting their time and petrol to come to you.


Grab will send you a receipt via email when your trip is completed.

Driver don’t carry receipts

Grab rides are only restricted to picking and sending passengers within Singapore mainland and Sentosa Island.

I go home take passport then send you ok?

Pulau Ubin is not accessible by land, and no, boat is not included you nitwit.

GrabBoat launching soon. You wait.

If you have gotten another ride, please have the courtesy to cancel the booking. In any way, you should not make booking via multiple platforms. 

Grab rides are already cheap, if you can’t afford it, please don’t book.

If the driver accepts your request and collects a lesser fare, they are still liable to pay Grab the 20% on the original fare.

Think go market ah!

Do you have any of such request, send your screenshots to

If we get enough submissions, we will run a bi-monthly edition of this amazing Grab rider’s request.